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Divorces (both opposed and unopposed), which means all types of divorces whether defended or undefended.

Divorce proceedings usually involve intense emotions and great legal costs.

During the divorce proceedings, we will assess your assets and liabilities. Interim maintenance if necessary will be applied for at court. If children are involved, we will work with you to help you obtain care and contact and primary residence of your children, maintenance for your children and refer to the appropriate experts to assist with a parenting plan, if necessary.

If you and your spouse choose to keep your divorce proceedings unopposed, our law firm will work with you through voluntary mediation. During this process, we will help you to resolve issues by bringing both parties to an agreement. With mediation, there is complete disclosure and no litigation.

As an attorney specialising in family law and knowing what the courts will accept, Jacqueline Ellis will be able to guide you in entering into an Agreement of Settlement in accordance with the South African law. A mediator who is not an attorney or who is not experienced in family law at court cannot properly advise you on South African law and what your rights are in law.