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Jacqueline Ellis: (BA) (LLB) UCT

Jacqueline Ellis Attorneys is a boutique law firm in Johannesburg, South Africa, specialising in family law.

Our focus is to provide our clients with a better approach to family law.

Jacqueline Ellis is an experienced litigator. In cases, where the parties cannot resolve their matter amicably, Jacqueline Ellis’ experience and knowledge in the specialised area of family law will ensure that your rights are protected in law.

Where both parties are willing to attempt an amicable resolution of their divorce matter, Jacqueline Ellis is also an experienced mediator and negotiator and can assist parties in drafting an Agreement of Settlement necessary to enable the parties to obtain a Final Order of Divorce.

Whether your divorce or other family law matter requires resolution by means of mediation or litigation, Jacqueline Ellis is the foremost specialist female divorce attorney in Johannesburg to assist and guide you through the often emotionally difficult period that comes with most family law matters.

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