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Mediation: to resolve disputes amicably without the need to litigate at court

There is a move in South Africa towards the mediation of family law matters. An implementation of mediation at pilot site courts is already in place. There is a hope that we can switch from an adversarial approach to a collaborative approach in family law matters.

Jacqueline Ellis, as a specialist family law attorney can assist you and your spouse in mediating your divorce or other family law matter. However, for mediation to be successful, there has to be full disclosure by the parties. If one spouse will not disclose his / her list of assets and liabilities with proof of values in respect thereof; the mediation process will not be successful.

Only an attorney such as Jacqueline Ellis, because of her experience and expertise in family law matters can properly assist you with your divorce or other family law matters. A social worker or psychologist as well as the Family Advocate and any necessary other experts may be briefed in certain applicable areas, however only an attorney such as Jacqueline Ellis can advise you of your rights in law and guide you in reaching an amicable settlement which must be in accordance with the requirements of the courts.

Should you wish to approach your family law matter from the start on an amicable basis, contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss the mediation of your matter.

The advantage of our firm is that Jacqueline Ellis can still assist you should your spouse / partner refuse to mediate the matter. As an experienced litigator for the past 20 years, Jacqueline Ellis can litigate your matter should this need arise. However, it is always best to try initially to deal with a matter amicably, which will save you in costs and in time. Whatever your matter requires, albeit mediation or litigation, Jacqueline Ellis is properly equipped to assist you, irrespective of the complexity or acrimony of your matter.